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A vegan crumble that rivals the taste and texture of ground meat, ideal in spaghetti sauce, chili, tacos, burritos, pizza, omlettes or any recipe that calls for ground meat. Add to your favorite recipes

Soy & Your Health

The versatile soy bean has been a valued & sustaining food for thousands of years. This “mighty bean” is a true nutrition dynamo rich in fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and low in saturated fat. Isoflavones from the
soy bean have been found to be disease protective.

This "Bigger Better Veggie Burger" outweighs and out-tastes popular garden burgers. Soy-Free and loaded with satisfying textures and rich, savory flavor!

Hemp & Your Health

Made with pure Hemp and Flax seeds
– nutritional super foods! Each HempBurger is a powerhouse of Omega 3’s. Turn your burger into a yummy Health Food!


A Soy-Free breakfast patty with all the flavor & texture of sausage - none of cholesterol, fat or grease. Spiced Just Right!

Oats & Your Health

Breakfast SortaSausage is made from Oats...a savory way to bring Heart Healthy, CHOLESTEROLreducing FIBER into your diet.

That bowl of oatmeal never tasted so good!

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